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Scrambled Egg with Mushrooms and Spinach



I have adding to a long list of creative breakfast meals recently. Scrambled egg was my youngest sister's snack to eat back in the day and she liked how I cooked it in butter. The reason why I use butter is that it prevents the egg from drying out yet does not make it greasy. The softness is unbelievable.

Since my twenties, I have developed my scrambled egg and have included a teaspoon of garlic paste and herbs. The best herbs to use for eggs I feel are chives, parsley, coriander and tarragon. I will probably experiment with others like rosemary and thym.

Fast forward many years later and I cooked scrambled egg for niece (my youngest sister's daughter) and she loved so much. Scrambled egg tastes delicious when it has a soft fluffy texture. This light egg also goes well with the earthy mushrooms and delicious, velvety spinach. A delicious, light breakfast.


Prep: 10 mins
Cooking time: 10 mins

Seasoning for the scrambled eggs

-2 eggs

-1 Tsp of garlic Paste

-1 Tsp of parsley

-A pinch of salt and pepper

-4 Mushrooms (chopped)

-4Handfuls of spinach



  1. Wash and prep the mushrooms and spinach.

  2. Chop the mushrooms into pieces.

  3. Crack two eggs into a bowl.

  4. Lightly whisk the eggs.

  5. Add the garlic paste, parsley and salt and pepper.

  6. Whisk the eggs with the garlic paste and herbs.

  7. Fry some butter in a frying pan

  8. Add the mushrooms to the frying pan.

  9. Fry until sautéed and put on a plate.

  10. Place the place in the oven to keep warm at 100 degrees Celsius.

  11. Fry the spinach and place on the plate in the oven.

  12. Add the egg mixture to the frying when the butter has melted.

  13. After 20 seconds start folding the egg until it binds together and is cooked.

  14. Serve on a plate alongside the spinach and mushrooms .

  15. Garnish with parsley



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