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Egg and Avocado Bruschetta

Updated: Jul 24, 2023



Doesn't this breakfast look bright and colourful? The great things about weekends is that I have the opportunity to experiment with what to eat for breakfast and create a range of breakfast ideas for myself and others depending who is staying over. There are so many great ideas out there and so many ideas to be created.

I love a great breakfast on toast. Creamy velvet avocado-which has been seasoned in garlic and herbs-goes really well with a lightly fried egg. This egg was fried in butter and garnished with parsley and this adds flavour to the egg.

As you all know, I love my runny yolk egg and there is nothing more satisfying than cutting your egg and yolk oozes down the toast. The type of bread I used was sourdough bread as it has more texture when toasted. You can even add butter to the toast to avoid the dryness of the bread and still have that contrasting texture from the avocado. Delicious.


Prep: 30 mins
Cooking and making time: 20 mins

-1 Avocado

-1 Tsp garlic granules

-1 Tsp Coriander

-1 Tsp Parsley

-Drizzle of garlic olive oil

-Salt and Pepper to taste

-1 Egg

-1 Sourdough toast



  1. Cut the avocado in half and de-seed it.

  2. Add the avocado to a small bowl.

  3. Drizzle the avocado in olive oil.

  4. Mash the avocado down until it is smooth.

  5. Add the herbs and seasoning.

  6. Stir and incorporate all of the seasoning and herbs into the avocado.

  7. Fry an egg in a frying pan and season with parsley.

  8. Toast a sourdough bread

  9. Serve on a plate

  10. Add the avocado first and place the egg on top.

  11. Garnish with par



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