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Eggs, Leeks and Mushrooms



I had a leek left over from the previous night and wanted to use the rest of it. I thought why not fry the chopped pieces with mushrooms in the place of onions. Believe it or not leeks actually go well in a fry up. I think it is because they originate from the onion family and they taste delicious fried in butter.

This is great to have on a Saturday morning for breakfast or brunch. When you add delicious mushrooms and a soft fried egg you have hit the jackpot. The flavours are unbelievable.

Prep: 5 mins
Cooking time- 15-20 mins
Serves: 2 people

- 2 medium sized eggs

- 1/2 leek

-1 Tsp Marjoram

-1 Tsp chives

-1 Tsp parsley (coriander is another option)

-1 Tsp Garlic Paste


-Olive oil

-Salt and pepper to taste



  1. Wash the leek and the mushrooms (prep).

  2. Fry some butter and garlic paste on low to medium heat.

  3. Add the mushrooms and fry until sautéed

  4. Add the leeks to the frying pan until soft and sauteed.

  5. Add marjoram and parsley.

  6. Place on a plate to keep warm in the oven.

  7. Add some oil to the frying pan.

  8. Fry the eggs and add salt, pepper, chives and parsley on a medium heat.

  9. Serve on a plate.



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