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Happy 1st Birthday



Can you believe a year has gone by so quickly? It has been a year since the Creative Cook website has been born. Initially, I wanted the write all of my recipes in a book. However, I was worried about losing them, consuming too much paper and rummaging through lots of books.

The reason I had created the website was because I wanted a place to upload all of the meals that I have cooked and will

continue to cook. Also, I wanted to give people some inspiration too when it comes to cooking.

Looking back, it was the best thing I ever did. Besides saving lots of paper, I get to see the results of my cooking and so does everyone else. If you have a dream go for it. I am learning lots

about how the blogging world works.

I hope to continue to upload great meals and even some must have ingredients and cooking utensils. In the meantime, happy cooking and thank you for all of the suppor

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