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Eggs with Asparagus and Mushrooms



Prep: 10 mins
Cooking: 15-20 mins
Serves: 2

- 2 medium sized eggs

- 1 pack of asparagus tips

-Chestnut Mushrooms

-1 Tsp chives

-1 Tsp parsley (coriander is another option)

-1 Tsp Garlic Paste


-Olive oil


1. Chop the mushrooms into slices.

2. Fry some butter garlic paste on a medium heat.

3. Fry the mushrooms and stir until cooked.

4. Add chives and parsley to the mushrooms.

5. Fry the asparagus in butter and parsley.

6. Add a little bit of oil and fry the eggs on a medium heat.

7. Add chives and parsley (or coriander if you are out of parsley.

8. Serve on a plate.



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