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Pea, Spinach and Mint Soup



My favourite food to make when it cold is creamy soup and so far all of the ones I have tried and made I have liked. I think it is because I really love vegetables. I made a simple pea and mint soup previously. For the recipe click below:

This time, I added my favourite green leave veg spinach. It really goes well with it due to fact you can fry it in butter, garlic and marjoram. This is a great vegetarian soup to have to build your iron levels up with the spinach. I am looking forward to trying and making soups throughout the year. The weather hasn’t changed yet unfortunately.

Prep: 5 mins
Cooking time: 1 hour

-1 small pack of Birdseye Frozen Peas

-1/2 pack of spinach



-1 stock cube

-1 tsp mint

-1 tsp thyme

-1 tsp parsley

-1 Tsp coriander

-1 tsp garlic paste

-100ml milk

-Salt and pepper to taste


1. Melt butter in medium saucepan.

2.Cook peas and stir until soft in the saucepan.

3. Fry the spinach in butter and marjoram until wilted.

4. Mash the peas with a potato masher until soft.

5. Process the peas in a food blender until puréed (you can add some oil to soften the peas).

6. Add more butter to the pot and the puréed peas.

7. Add 100ml milk to the saucepan

8. Add stock, garlic paste and herbs to the soup and stir.

9. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Optional: Garnish with parsley or mint herb.



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