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Peeled Carrot Salad



As you all know I have made it my personal target to switch up my salads. I don’t usually chop up carrots in my salads (my mum does though). This time, I decided to peel the carrots so that the salad has a light crunch and sweet flavour. It tastes really nice and makes the salad look really pretty in colour and appearance. Of course, I added my other signature elements to the salad. This is a great salad if you want something light.

Prep: 10 mins
Serves: 4 people

-2 Tomatoes

-1 Celery

-1 Carrot

-1 Spring onion

-1/3 Cucumber

-3 Romaine Lettuce Leaves

-1 pack of Spinach leaves

-1 tin sweetcorn

-3 Tbsp black chopped olives

  1. Wash the vegetables

  2. Chop the tomatoes, spring onion cucumber and celery.

  3. Chop the Romaine Lettuce leaves into strips.

  4. Peel the carrot into strips into the salad bowl.

  5. Add the Sweetcorn to the salad bowl.

  6. Add the Olives to the salad bowl.

  7. Add the olive oil, herbs and seasoning to the salad and mix.

  8. Serve in small bowls.



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