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Spring Chicken Stew with Vegetables

Updated: Aug 21, 2021


The first time I saw this dish was on the front cover of a magazine. When I first saw it, I was like “I have to try this dish.” However, I decided to add my own twist on it. I like my stews to have lots of vegetables in it and this is no exception. The green vegetables make this stew look very vibrant as well as the flavoursome herbs.

Moreover, the best thing about this stew is that it is not heavy (despite the cream) and it still gives you that comforting feeling inside you get from eating a stew or a soup. The best time to have it is during early spring.



-Chicken legs and thighs (chicken thighs work just as well).

-Badia Lemon and Pepper seasoning

-Chopped garlic paste

-100ml Double cream

-3 Tbsp Plain flour

-Chicken Stock





-Chestnut Mushrooms

-Grated Carrots

-Spring Onions

-Garden Peas (Mange Tout also works well with this dish)


-Tender Stem Broccoli


-New baby potatoes



  1. Season the chicken with garlic and lemon and pepper seasoning.

  2. Boil a pan of potatoes.

  3. Put potatoes into the pan when the water starts bubbling.

  4. Fry the spring onion and leeks in oil and garlic until caramelised

  5. Fry the tender stem and asparagus in oil

  6. Fry the mushrooms in garlic and butter until brown and juices running.

  7. Fry the chicken thighs/legs and thighs until golden brown.

  8. Place the potatoes into a roasting tray with oil and herbs such as chives, parsley and a pinch of salt. Alternatively you can use Badin garlic and parsley seasoning.

  9. Put potatoes in the oven at 180 degrees Celsius.

  10. Get a large pot and add flour.

  11. Then add the asparagus, tender stem and mushrooms and stir.

  12. Add some garden peas.

  13. Grate some carrots into the stew.

  14. Add the cream, stock and thyme.

  15. Add the chicken and allow to stew until the sauce thickens.

  16. Sprinkle some parsley, tarragon and chives.

  17. After 10 minutes serve the food on a plate.

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